Helium for balloons

Balloons inflated with helium are mega popular for today. They decorate holidays, performances, concerts, presentations, openings and many other special events. They easily create a sublime atmosphere, give a joyful mood and mostly serve as an original decoration. Therefore, it is not surprising that buying helium for balloons is a widespread need today. We will consider the advantages of balloons inflated with this gas, how to use a helium cylinder and other related issues in the article.

Helium → Balloons → Holiday

Although helium is a material that is popular to use in medicine and science and is of great importance in these fields, most people have had to deal with it when it was used as a balloon filler.

How are helium-filled balls (balloon) different from ordinary ones? The fact that they can stay in the air for a long time, at a height. In this way, new opportunities for decorating the premises and developing celebration scenarios are opened up. Festive events become brighter with such decor, contests on them are more fun with such paraphernalia, and photos are more interesting, thanks to the originality of balloon photo booths. And if you just want to joke around, you can inhale helium from a balloon and amuse yourself and everyone around you with any phrase that will sound in a cartoon voice, thanks to the relaxation of the vocal cords.

Today, aerodesign – the art of designing interiors and exteriors using balloons – is at the peak of popularity. Accordingly, this field requires considerable quantities of portable helium cylinders. With the help of helium, it is possible to create various balloon strings and garlands, aerial figures and bouquets, as well as arches, stands, fountains and much more. Weddings, birthdays, christenings, corporate parties, graduations, declarations of love and much more can be made unforgettable by adding and decorating with helium balloons. To surprise, amuse, intrigue – thanks to this, everything is possible.

Advantages of helium-filled balloons:

– economy, saving money, energy and time, especially when you need to inflate a large number of balloons (to decorate the stadium, stage, etc.);

– effectiveness + the ability to create the most diverse compositions in terms of shapes, sizes, color combinations, styles, etc.;

– a long stay in the air and even the possibility of lifting a small load, for example, a gift or chocolates (to lift a 100-gram piece of chocolate, you will need approximately 50 balloons, because the lifting force of each is 1.5 g on average);

– safety, which is realized due to the fact that helium is not toxic and does not catch fire;

– availability (it is not a problem to buy helium today, so balloons can be inflated with it whenever needed).

How to use a helium cylinder?

So that the joy of viewing the beauty of balloons is not overshadowed by anything, you need to learn how to use a gas cylinder. Follow simple rules when filling – and everything will be fine. This is what is meant:

– prepare the appropriate equipment (with a conical spring valve or a flexible tip);

– remove the film protecting the thread and the cap from the cylinder;

– connect the reducer to the valve (the size of the thread of both must match), screwing the nut manually clockwise;

– check the stability of the cylinder, slowly open the valve counterclockwise and make sure that there is no leakage;

– place the neck of the balloon on the flexible fitting/reducer (if you press it lightly, you will feel how the gas fills the internal space);

– tie the neck with a tape or fasten it with a special clamp-clip;

– when finished, close the valve, release the residual helium from the reducer and unscrew it by turning the nut.

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