In GazMeter you can buy helium – gaseous or liquid. Helium in the form of gaseous gained special demand. And this is not only because of the interest of the advertising and entertainment industries that use it to produce bullets, balloons and airships.

Space, aviation and automotive industry, the production of metals and their welding, fiber-optic communication lines, caisson work, diving and medical equipment, nuclear energy, cryogenic technology and microelectronics are not all areas of science and production, in which helium gaseous compressed is an indispensable element.

And almost instant disclosure of airbags in the car is also the “merit” of helium.

Helium gaseous in Ukraine from GazMeter

  • Helium is a non-toxic, non-explosive and non-combustible gas. Therefore, working with it is not dangerous. But before starting use, you should familiarize yourself with safety measures, since a high concentration of this gas can harm health.
  • Supply gaseous helium in cylinders because it is the most optimal and convenient form of container for storing, using and transporting gas. According to GOST it should be steel cylinders of brown color with white inscription.
  • If precautions are taken, nothing threatens consumers while working with helium: after all, this gas is even part of respiratory mixtures that save human lives.

Of course, GazMeter is not the only company on the market that sells this gas. But the interest of the consumer is caused by those sellers who not only have high-quality products at their disposal, but also provide a range of additional services. Of course, the price of gaseous helium is also important.

GazMeter, in addition to selling, offers the consumer gaseous helium at a good price and provides services for refueling customers’ helium cylinders. And this can be done in almost any village of our country.


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