Liquid helium

GazMeter offers high quality liquid helium in Kyiv and throughout the country. It is supplied in containers intended for cryoridins – Dewars.

The volume of special containers is the most common for helium in a liquid state – 250/500 liters. Delivery is carried out by the company’s own vehicles.

Payment – by electronic transfer. We realize different volumes of liquid helium. The price per liter is one of the lowest on the market.



    • our company has been present on the market for more than 8 years. We value our reputation and strive to offer our customers the most comfortable cooperation;
    • we will provide any enterprises with liquid helium by filling their own devices or vessels (for this we have all the necessary equipment);
    • we refuel devices, including MRI, from various manufacturers.

    • you do not need to search for a product: you can buy liquid helium in Ukraine in our company, and refuel – in any, even a small town in the country;
    • we release the goods wholesale and retail;
    • undoubtedly, all buyers are interested in the answer to the question: “how much is helium in a liquid state?.” GazMeter tries to make the purchase of products the most attractive to the consumer, therefore, it approaches the pricing with special care. It consists of the cost of helium and the cost of cooling the container for its storage and transportation. The situation on the market is also taken into account. In general, we sell liquid helium at a price favorable to the customer;
    • we have large stocks of products.

    • to place a single order or conclude a contract for the constant supply of helium in a liquid state, it is enough to leave an application on the website;
    • GazMeter managers will contact you to discuss the terms of product delivery or refilling your containers.

Liquid helium production

  • Helium is highly valued in the market, as it is a unique element: in nature there are no more substances similar to it in properties. It exists in two aggregate states: gaseous and liquid.
  • First, gaseous helium is recovered from the natural gas by fractional distillation and subsequent purification.
  • To obtain liquid helium, further gaseous helium is modified (liquefied) using a special technology in high-precision industrial equipment.

Sale of liquid helium with a high degree of purity (99.999%) is one of the main activities of the company, in which it interacts with leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.

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