Filling the cylinder with helium

List of process

  • Inert monatomic gas without smell, taste and color, which is widely used in many spheres of human activity.

    It is extracted from natural gas and supplied to the end user in cylinders with a capacity of, for example, 40 liters (gaseous helium) or dewars (liquid helium).

    Filling cylinders with helium allows consumers to save on the purchase of this gas. Buying once the right amount of cylinders, you will not continue to pay for their rent, but only for filing.

  • To fill helium into a cylinder, special equipment and the participation of certified specialists who have permission to work with compressed gases and pressurized vessels are required.

    Filling of cylinders with helium, with delivery to Kyiv and other cities/towns of Ukraine, is offered by GazMeter.

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    • the ability to choose the right type of helium – we offer for sale helium type A and B (with a helium content of 99.999 and 99.99%, respectively);
    • favorable price of filling cylinders with helium;
    • fast order execution with prompt delivery of filled cylinders throughout Ukraine.

    To find out how much it costs to fill the cylinder with helium in our company, and place an order for the purchase of gas – call the number indicated on the site, or leave an online application and our managers will call you back!



For transportation and storage of gaseous helium, special cylinders made of carbon or alloy steel according to GOST 949-73 are used. They are designed for an operating pressure of up to 200 kgf/cm2, painted brown and have the inscription “Helium,” made with white paint.



  • has a body without dents, cracks and other mechanical damage;
  • equipped with a special valve models KVB-53 and GSE with a body of brass and right-hand thread;
  • has a stamp with the date of passing the last tests;
  • has a secure supporting «shoe» (bottom of this cylinder);
  • desirably, the cylinder has a slight residual pressure before filling with helium.