Helium in Poltava

One of the most popular gases today, widely used in many industries, science, medicine, advertising and entertainment business, is monatomic helium. Buy in Poltava this gas, which has unique properties, can be easily and simply in the company GazMeter, ordering it on our website. We provide the supply of Ukrainian enterprises, companies and entrepreneurs with helium of varying degrees of purification and aggregate state. In our company you can buy helium with delivery to Poltava, and also order refilling of cylinders of helium and MRI machine.


Helium (He) is a specific product with high volatility and permeability, so its supply is carried out in special containers: cylinders with a volume of 40 liters for compressed gas, and the supply takes place by the company’s own vehicles in Dewars for 250/500 liters – for liquid.

You can buy helium for:

  • welding by argon-arc or plasma welding;
  • filling refrigeration systems where it is used as refrigerant;
  • inflating balloons for the design of festive events;
  • use as a food additive;
  • preparation of respiratory mixtures for scuba and divers, or for other purposes.

The amount of helium in the Dewar is checked by weighing.

We offer a favorable price for helium in Poltava, the opportunity to choose the appropriate type of gas (A, B), advisory assistance of experienced experts and prompt delivery. You can consult with a specialist or find out how much helium of the desired type costs by phone number on our website.

To buy helium in Poltava – send an order by e-mail or use the “Leave an application” button!

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