Helium in Kharkiv

The most widespread application in many spheres of human activity has recently found an inert gas – helium (He). It is used in various technological processes of heavy and food industries, in cooling systems, in scientific research, medicine and other fields.

If you need helium in Kharkiv – order it from our company! You can buy helium with delivery to Kharkiv in the form of compressed gas – in cylinders with a capacity of 40 liters, or in a liquefied state – in Dewar (250/500 liters). In addition to selling this gas, we offer the services of refueling cylinders with helium, and also refueling with liquid helium MRI scanners.


GazMeter specializes in the supply of helium to enterprises and entrepreneurs in Ukraine, ensuring uninterrupted supply of gas of varying degrees of purification. We can buy with delivery to Kharkiv gaseous helium:

  • type A with volume fraction of pure He 99.999%
  • type B, with the content of He in the mixture 99.99%

We also supply liquid helium, which is one of the best refrigerants today, since it does not have a harmful effect on the environment.

Order helium from us at the best price in Kharkiv and Ukraine in any quantity, wholesale and retail, with prompt and timely delivery. You can pre-consult with an expert on the phone number listed on the site.

Send an application to our email or leave it on the site along with your phone numberand our managers will contact you as soon as possible!

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