Helium in Zhytomyr

Helium (He) is today the most popular gas. It is extracted by fractional condensation from natural gas mixtures, various deposits of which contain up to 10% of He or as a by-product in the production of nitrogen and oxygen from the air. GazMeter sells this gas throughout Ukraine, supplying gaseous and liquid helium, including to Zhytomyr. We offer large, medium and small businesses, medical and scientific institutions to ensure regular supplies of helium in the right amount.


In our company you can buy gaseous helium with delivery to Zhytomyr types A and B. On gazmeter.ua you can order helium for various purposes:

  • welding of stainless steel structures, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, magnesium) and their alloys;
  • checking the tightness of various vehicle systems during repair;
  • conducting scientific experiments;
  • repair of refrigeration equipment;
  • filling MRI machines in medical institutions;
  • filling balloons during celebrations.

To find out the cost of helium in GazMeter and the terms of its delivery to Zhytomyr – call the number indicated in the contacts on our website. We guarantee fast and safe delivery of helium to Zhytomyr, favorable price and assistance of experienced consultants in choosing the appropriate type and calculating the volume of gas.

To order helium and refill cylinders and MRI machines in clinics and hospitals of the city – leave an application on the website. Managers of company will call you back!

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