Helium is one of the most common elements in the universe. It’s safe, non-toxic, has no colour, smell and taste


Гелій є найбільш стійким хімічним елементом, тобто він не буде вступати в реакцію ні з якими іншими елементами. Він має найнижчу температуру кипіння. Гелій існує як газ, за винятком екстремальних умов і перетворюється в рідкий при температурі близькій -260˚С.


Helium is extracted in large amounts from natural gas sources that contain a certain percentage of helium and are found in only a few locations around the world. Most natural gas reserves (that are sources of helium) are located in the US (Northern Continent and Rocky Mountain Region). It’s also producing in Algeria, Qatar, Russia and Poland.


Helium is most commonly used as a safe and non-flammable gas (for example, to fill balloons). However, not everyone knows that Helium is a very important component in many fields of activity, including research, medical technology, high-tech manufacturing, space exploration, and even national defence.

Liquid heliumTo order

Liquid helium It is a colorless, odorless liquid. The main feature is that helium has one of the lowest boiling temperatures. It is this feature that allows maintenance of low and extremely low temperatures. Therefore, helium has a special value in modern medicine, in particular, it provides the creation of ultralow temperatures for the work of superconducting magnets in MRI. The quantity of delivered goods is controlled by weighing.

Control of the amount of delivered goods is carried out by means of weighing. Transportation is carried out in modern Dewar vessels, with a capacity of 250 or 500 litres

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It is a safe, non-flammable gas that has no color, no smell, no taste. Gaseous helium is characterized by low density and solubility, which allows it to penetrate through small pores. It is completely inert even at high temperatures. The special properties of helium are used in various processes: to fill balloons, check leaks, in the automotive industry, in the manufacture of semiconductors, in welding, in nanotechnologies and for analytical measurements.

Transportation is carried out in steel gas cylinders of brown color with the white inscription "Helium".

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